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I do what I love!

Hello and welcome to here!​

I am a Holistic Life Coach & Dreambuilder and I help people to rediscover their hidden dreams - those dreams that made you feel alive when you were a kid, the dreams that turn you on and turn your work into a pure joy!

My name is Lynne Falconer.  I welcome you here to the home on the web of Impromptu Coaching.  

For 28+ years (at the time of this writing) I worked in the ERP software industry as a trainer, implementer and generally all-round consultant.  I enjoyed my work and working with people, teaching and sharing my knowledge and insights and over the years I had the opportunity to work with many great people across the age spectrum, and at varied levels within organizations.

Some were scared and others were angry at the change that was about to beset them with a whole new system to learn and work with, and others were excited at the possibilities.

As I look back now, I understand that my coaching practice started many years ago during the training and consulting sessions I had with clients, co-workers, friends and family.  It was during those years that I learned and intuitively applied my knowledge to work with business owners and management teams, as well as individuals to drive solutions.

I Do What I Love

I do what I love to do when I work with clients, when we walk through a step by step program together, or when I work one on one with a client in a completely custom and adapted program that fits my client's needs.


Connect with me today and let's step into this journey together. 

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Connect with me today and let's step into your  journey together. 


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