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5 Secrets to Finding Happiness

5 Secrets to Finding Happiness

Happiness is a state of being. Happiness is an experience. You experience happiness when you think thoughts of happiness. When you take actions the generate happiness in your being.

To be truly happy and experience the perpetual state of happiness, you generate that feeling state, that being state, from within you.

When you are that being state of happiness, your thoughts take on the sheen of happiness and your experience, your state is one of happiness.

Be that which you want to experience. Be happy and happiness follows. Be wealth and wealth follows.

When you study the Invisible Laws that govern everything physical and meta-physical, you learn that what you give is what you get. Put this another and you can say that where your thoughts go, energy flows.

Simply put, what you focus your energy, your thoughts on, that is what you receive into your experience.

Being happy is the cause that brings about the effect of happiness.

Be happy and give attention to the thoughts that spring from that fountain of cause. When you are in state of being happy, your thoughts are happy.

Maintain the being state of happiness and pay attention to your thoughts. Smile and your whole being smiles with you. When you experience a feeling state that is not happy, smile with joy, smile with happiness and transform your being state to one of perpetual happiness.

Being happy is an instantaneous experience that you Start a Gratitude Journa

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