Why Success is About Action

Deciding Your Own Fate with the Law of Attraction.

All the world's a stage and we all must play our part.

We are each given, through our education and learning, whether in school or through life experiences, tools to expand our own conscious engagement in this experience we call life.

It is a known fact that unless we individually and collectively take action, no results can be expected.

This weekend (Nov 16 through 18, 2017) I am at a Professional Speaker training event and these words have again been reinforced. Action is the most important part of anything we do in life.

Implementation! That is an absolute requirement for all the business education, personal development study and learning we experience.

I firmly have faith in the Principles of Universal Law and have an unwavering belief that these principles work in, through and around our lives - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - every moment of every day.

We - you and I - do not have to believe in these principles or laws, yet they are present without any requirement from us. These principles or Laws are present, invisible and immutable, and work with or without our consent.

But without action to the promptings of our inner being, without taking action when an opportunity comes along, without the action of completing a task, there can be no outcome, no result to the desire or the dream that is a part of who you are and want to be.

Dream, and dream big, and then take the action necessary to live that dream!